Küchlein Bakery
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Bespoke baked goods for life's sweetest celebrations.

At Küchlein Bakery, we specialize in crafting made-to-measure recipes from organic, fair trade ingredients. Whether a fabulous fête, a darling baby shower, or a love laden wedding, we are the dreamers and perfect day curators losing sleep over the details and tying off every last strand of blush grosgrain ribbon. We take joy in bringing light to our client's most special moments, catering to every fancy and whim. The ultimate merrymakers, we won't rest until faces are smiling and eyes are sparkling. 

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We cherry pick the best of ingredients, from farmer's market brown eggs and fresh cream to unrefined sugar and the tastiest European butter imported from Finland. Everything we create is studied, practiced, and tested. Never settle.



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We don't hold back on what really matters. Texture is everything with cupcakes, and our approach is centered on rich, yet perfectly fluffy cakes, topped with dense buttercream. Made standard or mini sized. Pick your rush.



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We believe in love. This is no ordinary day in your lives, so please, ask for that mascarpone mousse with eggless buttercream and triple chocolate ganache drizzle. If your dreams got you this far, we can take it from here. Let us know what would delight your palette most, and we'll devise the finishing touches of your dream cake together.



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Pure and simple (and naturally gluten-free!), our Parisian Macarons are made of finely milled almond flour, egg whites, and cane sugar. A most dedicated process requiring three days of forward planning, our recipe yields perfection across the board: rich taste, glossy texture, and a lacy-footed finish. Our most studied feat.  



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Meet Kristin

Our Owner and Baker mixes well with rain clouds. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kristin brought her organic, farm-to-table, and health conscious sensibilities 1,000 miles south to San Diego, California to start our bakery in 2014. Forged from sand, palm trees, and an everlasting hipster core, our bakery's unique brand of weather-tested sunshine offers heartwarming comfort treats for life's sweetest celebrations.