Bespoke baked goods for life's sweetest celebrations

Our story is one of chemistry in the barest sense. This classic hero's journey began when life took a tumble, commandeering everything but a spatula and a will to bring light into this world. Hours, days, weeks, and months were spent riffling through used hardback books with dusty jackets on the floor of Powell's Bookstore searching for answers, methods, and clues. Epic poem cut short: flour texture villains were thwarted, egg temperature puzzles were bested, and some of the finest quality recipes endured. In January 2014, the narrative arced a thousand miles south of Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California, where our bakery was forged from sand, palm trees, and an everlasting hipster core. 

At Küchlein Bakery, we specialize in crafting made-to-measure recipes from organic, fair trade ingredients. Whether a fabulous fête, a darling baby shower, or a love laden wedding, we are the dreamers and perfect day curators losing sleep over the details and tying off every last strand of blush grosgrain ribbon. Our chemistry shines by way of boundless passion for - and comfortable acceptance of - loving every bit of what we do. It's true: we know no other way. Our future supersedes our prologue, leaving us with heart shaped eyes, full hearts, and undying gratitude for every ounce of love we are privileged to bake into our clients' most special moments.


Note: Cookies measure 4" in diameter. Want to curb the sugar rush? Mini cookies cut the size in half and double the quantity!


Party hack: Tired of cleaning up half-eaten cupcake bottoms? Order mini cupcakes! Double the dozen for your dollar.

Parisian Macarons

Did you know? Egg whites must rest for 72 hours before being whipped up into the perfect Parisian Macaron. If this crucial step is skipped, those glossy, lacy-footed shells will crack and sink in the middle. Place orders a minimum of four days in advance, s'il vous plaît! 
Psst! All of our Parisian Macaron recipes are naturally gluten-free

Layer Cakes

Singing Praises: Proudly steeping Tea Chai Té organic teas + brewing Bird Rock Coffee Roasters farm-to-cup organic coffee beans.
Giving Thanks: Original logo by the über talented Mattie Watkins. + otherworldly photography by the inimitable Madeline Broderick.

We are so excited to celebrate with you!

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or pantone-specific buttercream tints to match your themed fête.

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